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Dictionary of medieval terms.

dictionary of medieval terms.

A Dictionary of Medieval Terms & Phrases. Article Options Downloads: The fulltext of this document has been downloaded 58 times since Keywords. Hemyock Castle - Definitions (a to b) of feudal, medieval and castle terms to aid understanding of documents and novels such as those by Ellis Peters. Includes. There are also examples of medieval terms and phrases still in use today, a further CHRISTOPHER COREDON has also compiled the Dictionary of Cybernyms.

Den: Dictionary of medieval terms.

D topic no.alt.hjemmesider vJrzcZHGUs King's power to command and prohibit under pain of punishment or death, mainly used because of a break in the King's Peace. Flat space between the base of the curtain wall and the inner edge of the moat. Ventail - A piece of chain armor that attached to the coif and covered the chin Visor - Protective covering for the face and eyes. Fealty - An oath of allegiance paid by a knight to his lord or by a lower person to his knight. Squire - A young teen boy who was a personal assistant to a knight. Notre Dame Cathedral is a good examlple of the use of Buttresses. A legal term for an investigation directly ordered by the crown into a particular territory or series of events.
Dictionary of medieval terms. Quintain - A target fixed to a swiveling pole with a weight on the other end. Financial penalty imposed by the King or his justices for various minor offences. Download to your computer. The Archaeology News Network. However, it has been designed in the hope that There are words in this book that I've never seen before ex. Defensive projection from the main wall or fortress, either a platform or a small tower.
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Dictionary of medieval terms. - love

Latin was the language of the church, law and government, and many Latin terms illustrated here are frequently found in modern books of history of the period; similarly, the precise meaning of Old English and Middle English terms may elude today's reader: this dictionary endeavours to provide clarity. Pike - A polearm weapon with a small steel head. The Guard Houses at Hemyock Castle are believed to have been bastions which protected the outer end of the drawbridge. A castle could have. Will attract any student and teacher and librarian keen to get a reasonably-priced all-purpose quick reference guide to some 3, terms regularly used in, and often found in, sources from and about the Middle Ages. Sorry, we just need to make sure you're not a robot. dictionary of medieval terms.